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Become a Sponsor on Radio Five-O-Plus 93.3FM
93.3FM, Radio Five-O-Plus is the Community Radio Station on the Central Coast that has a targeted audience that may require the products or services that your business can provide. 
It’s no secret that radio advertising is cost effective, flexible and immediate.  
Surveys show our listeners listen to 93.3FM longer than the average radio station. 
If your business needs to target a 50 plus audience – call Radio Five-O-Plus and tell us about your business products or services, we have a radio advertising plan for you. 
  • Being a community radio station, we are permitted a limited amount of advertising called sponsorship – which is why you’ll never hear more than 5 minutes in any hour. 
  • On Radio Five O Plus 93.3FM all spots are singularly aired not in clusters – ensuring your message is heard. 
  • 93.3FM promotes our sponsors on our Website and Facebook. 
  • Attractive packages available to suit your requirements.
If you would like to know how effective and affordable sponsorship is with 93.3FM please contact our Station Manager for a no obligation discussion on 02 4325-1950 or use our inquiry form below.
If you're listening to 93.3FM right now, just think, the following 30 seconds could have been yours! 

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